Southern California Regional Occupational Center, also known as SoCal ROC.

School Address: 2300 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, CA 90501 U.S. 

Phone: 310-224-4200

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3D Character Design and Animation

Continues instruction in the art of 3D character design, modeling, and animation

3D Game Design: Special Effects and Reels

Take the next step into 3D game design!

Advanced Character Design and Animation

Create a finsihed "Reel" for your portfolio

Advanced Creature Sculpting and Animation for Games and Films

Increases the complexity of creature and armature design

Advanced Fashion Production

Students will continue their study of this dynamic industry.

Anatomy and Medical Terminology

Develop a fluency and gain confidence in the highly specialized language of health and separate yourself from the crowd!

Automotive Module I

Engine Repair and Electrical/Electronic Systems

Automotive Module II

Brakes, Steering, and Suspension

Automotive Module III

Automatic and manual transmissions, automatic transaxles, clutches, four wheel and all wheel drive systems, and drive train and drive axles

Automotive Module IV

Repairing electrical/electronic systems and heating and air conditioning

Certified Medical Assistant

CAAHEP-accredited Medical Assisting program

Certified Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide

Become a CNA in only 10 weeks!


Become licensed in as little as 9 months!

Cosmetology A - C

Become Licensed in a year and a half! Afternoon Classes!

Cosmetology Modules I-V

Available to CURRENTLY enrolled students

Creature Sculpting for Games and Films

Course prepares the student for employment in the film and video game industries

Dental Assisting for Adults

Enter a new career and become a Dental Assistant in 1 semester!


Dental Assisting for High School Students

Jumpstart your career in the dental field!

Dental Assisting Modules I-VIII

Take the modules you need at your own pace and for an affordable price!

Electrical Residential Wiring

Intro to Electrical Wiring for High School Students 

Emergency Medical Technician

Jumpstart your career in the medical field and become an EMT!

Emergency Medical/First Responder

Introduction to Emergency Medical Services

Engine Performance I and II

Basic diagnostic procedures required to restore engine performance to vehicles equipped with complex engine control systems.

Fashion Design

Picture yourself walking down the runway wearing an outfit you designed and created yourself!

Fashion Design Production

Students will continue their study of this dynamic industry.

Fashion Design Production II

Students will continue their study of this dynamic industry.

General Electrician Module I - III

Electrical Theory, Conduit Bending, and Residential Wiring

General Electrician Module IV - VI

Commercial/Industrial Wiring, Electric Motors, Motor Controls and Intro to PLC

HVAC I (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

Residential and Commercial Ventilation

Intro to 3D Game Design

Jumpstart Your Career as a Video Game Creator!

Intro to 3D Modeling and Animation

This course introduces the student to the basic skills of 3D digital animation and modeling

Intro to Alternative Medicine

Learn different methods of managing wellness!

Kinesiology/Sports Medicine

Build an excellent foundation in the field of Kinesiology!  

Media Design I: Adobe Photoshop

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or business owner, Adobe Photoshop is a valuable tool! 

Media Design II: Adobe Illustrator

Learn a valuable skills that can be applied across all industries!

Medical Assisting Modules

Take the modules you need at your own pace and for an affordable price

Pet Health and Grooming

Gain hands-on experience working with animals and put your pet-loving skills to work for you!!

Pharmacy Technician

Jumpstart your career in pharmacy and become a Pharmacy Technician!

Physical Therapy Aide

Jumpstart your career and prepare for employment as a Physical Therapy Aide!

Registered Dental Assisting (RDA)

Gain an edge in the job market and increase your starting salary!

Sterilization Processing Distribution Technician

Play a vital role in patient safety and healthcare!

Veterinary Assistant

Jumpstart your career and prepare for employment as a unlicensed Veterinary Assistant!

Veterinary Science

Jumpstart your animal science career!

Welding I

OXY-Acetylene cutting and ARC Welding 6010

Welding II

ARC Welding 7018, ARC Welding-Aluminum, MIG Welding-Steel

Welding III

MIG Welding-Steel, TIG Welding-Steel, TIG Welding-Aluminum

Welding IV

TIG Welding-Aluminum and TIG Welding-Stainless Steel