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Engine Performance Modules I and II provides hands-on training for students in basic diagnostic procedures required to restore engine performance to vehicles equipped with complex engine control systems. This program equips students with the knowledge and experience to enter and advance in the automotive industry.

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

A.  Diagnostic process and procedures used to locate and restore engine performance concerns

1. Engine operation and ignition components and systems

2. Fuel delivery, injection components and systems, and emission control devices

3. Fuels and fuel systems

4. Exhaust gas analysis and emission control components and systems

5. OBD II (on-board diagnostics), and inter-related

Upon completion, students will be able to describe operation and diagnose/repair basic ignition and fuel and emission related drivability problems using appropriate test equipment/service information.

Gain Industry Certifications!

1. Prepares students to pass several NATEF/ASE Certification Exams

2. In addition to our normal course's students can sign up for specialty training via Honda's P.A.C.E program at no additional cost and earn a Honda Express Service Certification! Honda's P.A.CE. is an opportunity for students to take Honda's Express Service curriculum (online modules and in-person) and train for Honda's Express Service test at our facility. Students will be tested at Honda's Official Training Center in Torrance by Honda Technicians. Upon receiving a passing score, students will be awarded a Honda Express Service Certification! 

3. In addition to our normal courses students can sign up for the Ford/Lincoln Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) program and complete Ford's Web-Based Training (WBT) at no additional cost. This is an opportunity to take the same curriculum as Ford's current technicians and gain a competitive edge! Certificates can be printed after each course is completed.

432 hours of previous coursework in Automotive Repair. Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances. 

1 Semester: Monday - Thursday from 7:00pm - 9:45pm.

To access the most recent course schedule please call registration or click the link under Course Information. Please be advised the schedule is subject to change.


Benefits of CTE

After completing courses in CTE, you will have a clearer vision of your future career path and what the next steps will be. Career Technical Education allows high school students to see what options are out there and see first-hand what careers they enjoy and thrive in. Whether you decide to enter the workforce, pursue a trade or apprenticeship, or to apply to college, CTE adds to the traditional high school experience and is designed to prepare you for the next stage in your life.

Earn High School Credit!

You can earn 10 elective credits and satisfies CSU/UC Admissions Requirements » G - College Preparatory Elective.

Benefits for College-Bound Students 

1. Gain hands-on, practical experience with potential careers and make more-informed decisions about your exact path forward.

Immerse yourself in your desired career and help you gain a better understanding of your career goals. This allows you to make the most of your time in college and invest your time and money in a career just right for you!

2. Build industry specific skills and knowledge through hands-on project based application.
You will be exposed to industry professionals, terminology, equipment, and environments designed to prepare you for life after high school. You are given an opportunity to apply what you learned in the classroom and build your confidence that you will carry with you for the rest of your career!

3. Gain a competitive advantage over other college applicants!

Set yourself apart from the crowd during the college admission process by demonstrating mastery of industry skills through CTE certifications, and in many cases official industry certifications! In addition to the certifications, CTE students gain soft skills and industry exposure that is unique to CTE students.

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