Design, Visual, and Media Arts

Our Design, Visual, and Media Arts Pathway provides entry level training for students interested in entering the Design and Visual Media industry. No matter which amazing program you choose you will learn how to channel your creativity and develop a professional portfolio to show off to employers!


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Media Design I: Adobe Photoshop

Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, or business owner, Adobe Photoshop is a valuable tool! 

Media Design II: Adobe Illustrator

Learn a valuable skills that can be applied across all industries!

Creature Sculpting for Games and Films

Course prepares the student for employment in the film and video game industries

Advanced Creature Sculpting and Animation for Games and Films

Increases the complexity of creature and armature design

Intro to 3D Modeling and Animation

This course introduces the student to the basic skills of 3D digital animation and modeling

3D Character Design and Animation

Continues instruction in the art of 3D character design, modeling, and animation

Advanced Character Design and Animation

Create a finsihed "Reel" for your portfolio