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This course serves as an introduction for gamers exploring video game design as a hobby or looking looking to turn their passion for video games into a career. Students will learn to build 3D models, develop game levels, and create a simple first-person viewpoint obstacle course using 3D software and a game engine. No prior 3D modeling or programming experience is necessary. 

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

1. Introduction to the Basic Sequence of 3D Game Design and Integration

A. Model 3D game asset based on concept art or real life reference
B. Tweak and adjust texture on 3D asset
C. Import into 3D game engine

2. The Basics for Level Designers

A. Research current trends in video games
B. Breakdown what is fun and generally aesthetically pleasing in video games
C. After research, execute plans for constructing 3D game world

3. Application of Skills and Research for the Level Designer

A. Draw out level in a 2D overhead view
B. Model, texture, and import assets into the 3D world

4. The Creation of 3D Objects

A. Learn how to think intuitively in 3D space
B. Model assets using a consecutive amount of Polygons
C. Implement assets into a 3D game engine

5. Texturing of 3D Objects

A. Paint and edit UV map in image software.
B. Create texture that is applicable to level.
C. Ensure that texture size is in a format the engine can understand

6. Integrating Objects into the 3D Game Engine

A. Import objects into the level using correct formatting
B. Import objects in an organized and sensible way

7. Scripting and Creating Events

A. Using triggers, create the moment when events happen in your game.

8. Special Effects

A. Create effects such as emitters

B. Place emitters appropriately in the 3D game world.

C. Use special effects to enhance gameplay and player experience.

9. Music and Sound

A. Integrate music sound files into a 3D game engine
B. Place sound effects appropriately for environment

  • Professional Certification Opportunities!
  • Designations offered to students completing the Intro to 3D Game Design course include
  • 1. Certificate of Competency 

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

Game Tester
Video Game Intern
Game Developer
Game Designer
Graphic Designer
Level Designer

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in Intro to 3D Game Design. The following is information about the program.

High school: Open to Grade Levels 9-12th

Adult: None 

Complete in 1 Semester: T/Th from 4:15pm-7:00pm 

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