School: SoCal ROC
Course ID: 673
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Being able to make a difference in the health status of others is very rewarding. This course integrates a comprehensive approach to personal fitness training which includes applied business skills, correct assessment techniques and the ability to create and implement a balanced program for clients. Students will understand how to utilize heart rate monitoring technology to determine “optimum training zones” during both resistance training and cardiovascular training sessions. You will acquire the knowledge to educate clients about proper nutrition. Gain a deep understanding of principles and sciences that lead to improved health, decreased dependence on medications, and strategies for improved sports performance. Get off the couch and explore the PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINER class at SoCal ROC! Open to high school and adult students. If an adult, the student must provide proof of a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or GED (translated into English). CPR skills will be taught as part of the course. However, the purchase of an American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers card and handbook is optional and will cost $16.00. The course includes externship. Completing this program with a Certificate of Competency meets the prerequisite requirement for high school students to enroll In the Physical Therapy Aide course.





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