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Course Outlines are developed with the cooperation of industry representatives from the career area for which the courses are designed. All course outlines are approved by the Board of Education and certified by the California Department of Education. All course outlines are aligned to the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards and California State Content Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Computer Technician

School: SoCal ROC
Course ID: 515
Availability: Call 310-224-4200

Classroom instruction and laboratory experience are designed to empower students with a thorough understanding of computer hardware and software, as well as of computer maintenance and repair procedures. Students who enroll in Computer Technician may have the opportunity to transfer to A+ Certification after one month of attendance upon approval by the instructor. There is an additional fee of $100.00 that will be due when transferring to A+ Certification.





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Phone: 310-224-4200