Dr. Burgandie Montoya

Director of Programs and Student Support Services

Dr. Burgandie Montoya has over 18 years of experience in public education. Her passion is counseling with an in-depth background grounded in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and School Counseling. She brings that knowledge to the education sector to help schools lead with a holistic vision that supports students on all levels so they may reach their personal best.

Dr. Montoya has supported schools in multiple roles including school counselor, intervention specialist, district counseling liaison, assistant principal, principal, and director. Her expertise allows her to balance the compliance-driven needs of schools with the human needs of students and staff members. She firmly believes that ethical compliance and empathetic compassion may co-exist in the design of student-centered schools.

Dr. Montoya is passionate about supporting students and staff members. She understands that healthy school culture is built upon sound practices that value wellness on all levels. It is this appreciation for wellness that also supports the infusion of mindfulness practices into her work environments. Life is about balance and wellness. Work and schools that are successful mirror this belief