Health Unit Coordinators

School: SoCal ROC
Course ID: HUC100
Availability: Call 310-224-4200
What does a HUC do?

A Health Unit Coordinator helps to keep facilities or nursing stations organized by coordinating the care of all the patients on a particular unit, is a liaison between the patient and the medical staff, and is in charge of programs to promote, advance, and improve a health care unit. Instructional topics include:

  1. Orientation to hospitals, medical centers, and health care. Personal and professional skills, communication in the health care setting, prioritizing orders and tasks, ensuring patient confidentiality (HIPAA).
  2. The patients’ electronic record or paper chart, performing routine quality assurance on charts.
  3. Health unit coordinating procedures inclusive of coordinating diagnostic testing, laboratory testing, and radiology.
  4. Admissions, discharge orders, and reports.
  5. Introduction to anatomical structures.
  6. Medical terms learned and practiced, informatics systems, and knowledge of staffing and budgeting.
  7. BLS certified.
  8. Learning to be part of medical team.
  9. Leadership skills.
  10. When students turn 18 years old, they will be qualified to take the National Health Unit Coordinating Exam.