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Course Outlines are developed with the cooperation of industry representatives from the career area for which the courses are designed. All course outlines are approved by the Board of Education and certified by the California Department of Education. All course outlines are aligned to the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards and California State Content Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics.

Early Childhood Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

School: SoCal ROC
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This course introduces instructional models and elements of assessment theory in support of curriculum development and effective teaching. Students have opportunities to plan, teach, assess and reflect on lessons for young children that are developmentally appropriate and inclusive. There will be a combination of classroom and field based experiences stressing developmentally appropriate techniques and materials fostering successful development and learning in young children, infancy through age 11. This course also addresses the relationships among three fundamental aspects of the educational process: the subject matter of the curriculum, the diverse capabilities of students, and the teacher’s responsibilities to design and implement instruction. We will ask Essential Questions such as: What is learning? What does it mean to learn? What does it mean to understand? How can we develop and assess understanding? How are these processes influenced by aspects of student language, culture, prior knowledge, and experience? How can teachers transform their subject matter knowledge into representations that help students draw on their own resources to construct and transform knowledge of their own? How can teachers assess what students know and how they learn in order to adapt their instruction as well as evaluate student work?

In order to enroll in the ECE program, the student must be a high school student or an adult. If an adult, provide proof of a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or GED (translated into English).

Externship is optional



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