School: SoCal ROC
Course ID: 2421
Availability: Call 310-224-4200

This course provides entry-level training designed to teach adult students the knowledge and necessary to perform as dental health care professionals. Students are taught to assist in all phases of general dentistry. Student are taught to perform chairside assisting. Students will be trained and certified in taking Dental X-rays, Coronal Polishing, and Pit & Fissure Sealants. Students are taught Infection Control, the California Dental Practice Act, and HIPAA. The course consists of five clinical modules. Upon successful completion of each module, students will earn the certificate(s) applicable to that module. Upon completion of all five modules, students will receive the Dental Assisting program certificate(s). After successful completion of the externship module, students receive the Externship certificate. Module I consists of the Dental Practice Act and the Dental Assisting Professional.

Students must have minimal to some experience working in a dental office prior to starting the modules.

Externship is mandatory for those using the modules to complete their dental assisting training, especially fo those planning to take the RDA exam after 11 months of experience working as a dental assistant.