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Accelerate Your Future at SoCal ROC!

Take the beauty industry by storm by completing the 1,000 hours of training necessary to take the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination and become a licensed cosmetologist in less than two years. In a salon enviornment students will receive personal attention and instruction from industry professionals at a fraction of the cost of other schools. 

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

    • 1. Establish you brand
      A. Build a social media presence
      B. Compose aesthetically pleasing photos and engaging videos
      C. Use hashtags, tag models, and product companies

      2. Hairstyling Services
      A. Arranging, blow drying, cleansing, curling, dressing, hair analysis, shampooing, waving, and nonchemical straightening, and hair cutting
      B. Use of shears, razors, electrical clippers and trimmers, and thinning shears, for wet and dry cutting

      3. Cosmetology Chemistry
      A. Understand the chemistry of different shampoos, conditioners, hair coloring, cosmetics, and professional chemical products

      4. Chemical Hair Services
      A. Coloring, straightening, waving, bleaching, hair analysis, predisposition and strand tests
      B. Safety precautions, formula mixing, and the use of dye removers.

      5. Skin Care
      A. Chemical and manual facials and massaging, stimulating, exfoliating, cleansing, or beautifying the face, scalp, neck, and hands
      B. Esthetic devices, cosmetic products, antiseptics, lotions, tonics, and creams

    • 6. Hair Removal and Lash and Brow Beautification
      A. Analyze eyebrow and facial features for eyebrow shape and arching
      B. Client consultation to understand the clients wants and needs
      C. Demonstrates procedures for tweezing hair and stretching skin to minimize sensitivity
      D. Application of eyebrow perm
      E. Tinting and perming eyelashes and brows
      F. Perform allergy tests

      7. Electricity for skin treatments
      A. Describe electrical treatments for skin
      B. Light therapy for all skin types
      C. High frequency treatment for oily skin
      D. Vaporizing for softening the skin

      8. Salon Business
      A. Consultations
      B. Difference between rental, commission and salary
      C. Resume writing
      D. Tax deductions

      9. Become Familiar with State Board Licensing qualifications and rules
      A. Regulations adopted by Cosmetology Board
      B. Obtain and apply for state license
      C. Cosmetology act
      D. Roll of State board and inspector

      10. Health and safety best practices and laws
      A. Bacteria/Sterilization/Sanitation
      B. Universal Precautions
      C. Salon sanitation

    • Professional Certification Opportunities!

    • Designations offered to students completing the Cosmetology program include:

    • 1. Completing the 1,000 hours of training necessary to become a licensed cosmetologist and take the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology examination.

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

  • Nail Technician
    Makeup artist
    Beauty Consultant
    Salon Owner
    Fashion Show Stylist
    Beauty Product Representative

 - Students must be 16 years of age. Adults must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

- Students must complete module with a grade of C or higher to move on to the next module. Students will receive a SoCal ROC certificate for each module completed successfully. Students must complete all required operations in addition to completing the 1,000 hours to graduate from the program. 

- Purchase of apparel and materials is required for adults, but is optional for our district high school students. Adults participating in the program will be required to purchase their own materials including a kit within the first week of class. Please contact registration for full list.

Complete in 4 Semesters:  Monday - Thursday from 1:15pm - 4:15pm 0r 4:15pm - 7:00pm or 7:00pm - 9:45pm

To access the most recent course schedule please call registration or click the link under Course Information. Please be advised schedule is subject to change.


Benefits of CTE

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