Board Member at Large

Opportunity to Serve as a Member of the SoCal ROC Governing Board

The Southern California Regional Occupational Center is seeking one interested and qualified individual to serve as a member of the current Governing Board in the capacity of Board Member-at-Large. This is a volunteer position. The Southern California Regional Occupational Center provides Career Technical Education programs to over 2,000 high school students and adults annually in the South Bay. SoCal ROC has a rich, 50 year history as a Career Technical Education provider, being the first of seventy-two ROC/Ps established in the State of California.

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Instruction will focus on the Aerospace Engineering world of aeronautics, flight, and engineering. Instruction will introduce students to the Project Lead the Way activity based, project-based, and problem-based learning through exploring the world of aerospace engineering. Students will learn to employ engineering and scientific concepts in the solution of aerospace problems. This course aligns its curriculum with the standards of the National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics, the National Academy of Science, and the International Technology Education Association.


Instruction of this one-semester overview course is designed to excite interest in engineering. Instructor will guide students through the theory of specific engineering concepts and then they participate in hands-on activities where they apply and experience each concept. Sample projects from several engineering disciplines include bridge building, sensors and robotics, hydraulics, sound transmission, strength of materials, motors, heat transfer, friction, and energy conversion. In addition, students will learn other critical aspects of being an engineer, i.e., working in teams, communicating effectively, accountability, ethics, and entrepreneurship. A different engineering concept and project will be completed approximately each week..

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