FREE Emergency First Responder course!

Does the sound of sirens make your heart race? Do you have what it takes to keep your cool in an emergency situation?

Enroll in our online Emergency First Responder course!

This introductory course offers students an overview of what it is like to be first on the scene providing efficient and immediate care to ill and/or injured victims and to assist other emergency medical services providers. The emergency response training includes instruction in First Aid, an overview of the Emergency Medical Services System, anatomy and physiology, triage and post-emergency care duties, legal and ethical issues, communication skills, and stress management.

Classes are FREE for JPA high school students!

November 30th-February 4th

Monday-Thursday at 3:45 pm-6:45 pm!

Explore this essential career while earning 5 high school elective credits in 8 weeks!

Open to high school students and adults!

Contact your Career Guidance Specialist at 310-224-4240 or to enroll today!

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